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Shanghai Jcok (International) Group Co., Ltd, a large-scale group company specialized in beverage materials and integrating R&D, production and export/import sales, has five subsidiaries – Shanghai Jcok Import & Export Company Limited, Shanghai Jcok  Food and Beverage Management Company Limited, Jiangsu Jcok Agricultural Science & Technology Company Limited, Shanghai Yu Ye Food Company Limited. The beverage materials produced by the Group are sold in various parts of China, even exported to southeast Asian countries. With leading quality in the industry at home and abroad, the group’s products are widely recognized by professional clients at home and abroad.



The Group has built a factory with its own investment in Nantong, Jiangsu, which would be put into production of beverage materials including milky tea powder, ground coffee, tapioca pearls, syrup for beverage, juice and jam as well as other products in the middle of the year of 2019.  The products would be sold in domestic and foreign markets.


Corporate mission: promoting a healthy lifestyle, leading the development of beverage material industry, and fulfilling social responsibilities.



Business principle: valuing quality as life!

Product standard: elaborate, safe, and healthy.


Core value: excellence, devotion, science and win-win.



The Group would win the market by virtue of its core competitiveness from its special “Jcok products”, its great influence from its preeminent “JCOK” image and high client satisfaction. So long as we adhere to the rule of “professional work being done by professional talents”, we would certainly be able to grow and increasingly expand together with our clients!


An outstanding enterprise would certainly satisfy the market; a great enterprise would like to create markets, and Jcok would, by upholding “the Spirit of Workmanship”, create a long-standing brand!  



Jcok- a reliable smart maker for healthy beverage materials!