上海君聪(国际)集团公司是集研发生产、进出口销售于一体的专业饮品原料大型集团公司,旗下有上海君聪进出口有限公司、上海君聪优格餐饮管理有限公司、江苏君聪农业科技有限公司、上海裕叶食品有限公司等5家直系子公司。集团生产的饮品原料销往全国各地,甚至远销东南亚各国,深受国内外专业用户的认可,产品质量领先国内外行业水平。 Shanghai Jcok (International) Group Co., Ltd, a large-scale group company specialized in beverage materials and integrating R&D, production and export/import sales, has five subsidiaries – Shanghai Jcok Import & Export Company Limited, Shanghai Jcok Food and Beverage Management Company Limited, Jiangsu Jcok Agricultural Science & Technology Company Limited, Shanghai Yu Ye Food Company Limited. The beverage materials produced by the Group are sold in various parts of China, even exported to southeast Asian countries. With leading quality in the industry at home and abroad, the group’s products are widely recognized by professional clients at home and abroad.